Pierre d’Avoine Architects is based in central London with an international portfolio of clients, a reputation for inspiring work, built to high standards, and a strong supporting commitment to research and development across the fields of construction technology, environmental sustainability, and cultural contextualism, which has been widely recognised. The practice, which has operated as a highly-qualified and motivated small team since 1979, has had a high rate of competition success, and its work has been extensively exhibited and published in both the architectural and general press during that period. 

Pierre d’Avoine Architects has worked on a broad front, including houses and housing, offices, shops, cultural and community venues, and landscape and urban design, as well as exhibition and furniture design, and a number of collaborative art installations. The practice has aimed to maintain a rich mixture of work and to avoid the restrictions of exclusive specialisation, in the belief that architectural thinking flourishes best over a range of different scales and types of project. Over the years the practice has developed an evocative response to the conditions of contemporary western culture, informed by its sustained contacts in other parts of the world, particularly Japan, India, and more recently Iran. Its ability to generate interesting propositions in response to difficult sites and complex programmes has resulted in its success in a number of important competitions such as the Elephant and Castle Roundabouts,1996 (winner), Concept House 1999 (winner), and Welsh House for the Future, 2000 (second place).

Pierre d’Avoine Architects has always worked closely with clients and consultants to develop inspiring and sustainable building projects, and has actively set out to foster young, talented architects, in the belief that talent and experience are mutually supportive in architectural practice.