Houses & Housing

Pierre d’Avoine Architects has designed houses in India, Iran, Ghana, the West Indies and the UK. Several of our residential projects have won awards including the Slim House which won Concept House 99 at The Ideal Home Show and Chatfield House which won the Brick Development Association refurbishment award 2009-10. 

Pierre d’Avoine and Clare Melhuish published Housey Housey - A Pattern Book of Ideal Homes in 2004 which presented twenty three houses designed by Pd’AA in the context of the traditional pattern book. Housey Housey has become a highly acclaimed and influential reference book.

Pierre d’Avoine Architects has developed an approach to the design of domestic spaces that is based on a detailed study of cultural and social context and thorough investigation of place. Our large scale residential development has drawn on our research into suburbia as a global phenomenon, and an anthropological interest in how people adapt to their domestic environments.

We aim to provide humane and comfortable homes and settings for domestic life that are sensitive to and readily adaptable to evolving social and environmental conditions.

Hotels & Resorts

Pierre d’Avoine Architects has designed hotels in central London, including a proposal for The Gallery on Park Lane, Mayfair and the Natural Balance spa resort near Crowborough, in the Sussex countryside. 

The Queen’s Head Hotel was designed a single room hotel to be sited on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall on London’s South Bank in 2012.
We work closely with clients to develop brand identity and offer a complete design service including architecture and interior design, landscape and environmental design, graphics and fashion with the aim of providing exceptional facilities and memorable experience for residents and guests.