Globalisation & Design For The Developing World

Pierre is interested in post colonial theory and its application to rapidly changing societies in the developing world in particular India and Africa.

Academic :

  • AA School Diploma Project in Bombay, India for squatter settlements in the Parel Mill District.

Pierre has strong connections with India, especially Bombay and has utilized these to set up a study programme, drawing on previous research by anthropologist James Holsten on parallel communities in Brazil, and engaging a wide range of local contributors including politicians, bureaucrats, community activists, architects, urbanists and others in speculations and proposals for redundant mill land. 


  • Design of Climate House, Tehran, Iran - a prototype for the Iranian Fuel Conservation Organisation (IFCO) with Golzari (NG) Architects and Mike Wilson, Professor of Environmental Design at LMU, London
  • Design of Green Office, Tehran, Iran with Golzari (NG) Architects
  • Design of Luis Cabral Creche, Maputo, Mozambique – a prototype crèche for barrio communities in Mozambique with Article 25, London and Meninhos de Mozambique, Maputo