Office & Mixed Use Development

We design bespoke office buildings and also speculative office and mixed-use buildings and environments for developer clients. With our client Media Office Limited, we evolved a strategy for development where the aim is to retain and refurbish buildings on ‘redundant’ post-industrial sites, complemented with carefully designed new buildings and landscaping, and marketed as ‘Media Villages’ - a new type of mixed-use environment which includes  all the facilities and services found in a traditional city neighbourhood. 


Pierre d’Avoine Architects has carried out interior design and brand consultancy for fashion designers including Michiko Koshino, Issey Miyake, Timothy Everest and DAKS Simpson and for department stores including Harvey Nichols  in London and Parco Co Ltd in Japan.

Our flagship shop for Michiko Koshino in Mayfair, London described as the first ‘minimalist’ designer shop in the UK has proved highly influential. 

In Japan we designed a major shopping and entertainment building for Parco Co Ltd at Otsu near Kyoto. Our proposal which includes a roof garden and open-air cinema, provides a dramatic new landmark and focal point on newly reclaimed land at Lake Biwa.